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Vision Board Mastery Course

Create your personalized vision board using 9 Step Process In Next 3 Days

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This Course Is For You....

  • If you have big dreams and a vision for your life but are unsure of how to bring it to fruition

  • If you resonate with the power of visualization and find that images speak louder than words, creating a vision board can be a powerful tool

  • If you're eager to learn how to use a vision board as a tool for positive change, unlocking your full potential and creating a life that aligns with your deepest desires.

...then this is for you!

Welcome to the "Manifest Your Dreams: Vision Board Creation Course," where we guide you through the transformative journey of bringing your dreams to life through the power of visualization. This course is designed to help you create a personalized vision board that serves as a powerful tool for manifesting your goals and aspirations.

The 3 Key Factors you need to understand before you start creating your Vision Board :

Chapter 1

Introduction to Vision Board Mastery

03:35 Mins

Explore the power of vision boards, unlocking the keys to manifestation.

Chapter 2

The First Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

06:59 Mins

Explore clarity, set intentions, and craft a vision that inspires your future.

Chapter 3

Requirements for Crafting an Effective Vision Board

03:23 Mins

Learn the essential requirements for crafting a powerful vision board.

Here are the 9 Zones for creating your Vision Board

Zone 1

Finance / Wealth

05:58 Min

Shape your wealth vision and manifest financial success with intention and creativity.

Zone 2


04:36 Mins

creating a visual roadmap to elevate your public image.

Zone 3

Family / Love / Relationship

04:20 Mins

Craft a love-filled vision, design the perfect space for family, relationships, and heartfelt connections.

Zone 4

Health / Wellness

02:40 Mins

Craft a vibrant vision for holistic well-being, integrating fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness for optimal health

Zone 5


02:49 Mins

Craft a gratitude oasis on your vision board, manifesting positivity and amplifying life's blessings creatively.

Zone 6

Children & Creativity

04:41 Mins

Craft a vibrant vision for children and creativity, infusing joy and boundless imagination into your board.

Zone 7

Knowledge & Wisdom

04:24 Mins

Craft your vision board for Knowledge & Wisdom—personalized, inspired, and manifest your intellectual aspirations with intention

Zone 8

Career & Business

04:00 Mins

Craft a compelling vision for your career and business success on your personalized vision board.

Zone 9


03:35 Mins

Craft a wanderlust-inspired vision: Infuse travel dreams with visuals, destinations, and adventurous affirmations for manifestation

Symbols for Destiny Number

Bonus Module

Symbols for Destiny Number

04:24 Mins

Unlock your life path with personalized symbols for your destiny number.

Craft a vision uniquely yours

After this Course, You will....

  • Have clarity of how your vision board will look & feel.

  • Create the vision board with your personal energy, vision & creative expression.

  • Pin point specific career milestone, personal achievements, spiritual growth, money, abundance & positive and happy relationship.

Meet Your Host

Dr Neeti Kaushik

India's Leading Life Transformational Coach

"Nitty Gritty with Dr Neeti Kaushik” is a series of transformational sessions for all age groups, personally guided by Dr Neeti Kaushik, an educationist for 35 years & a heartfelt desire to serve humanity.

She has written 50 plus books on life skills and value-based education & bagged numerous awards and accolades for her enormous contribution to the education world. Her sessions help the uninitiated to get an insight into their lives (life’s quest, purpose, fears, goals, beliefs, self love )and easy-to-implement remedies, making the transformational journey truly resultoriented.

Dr Neeti Kaushik offers guided sessions aimed at one’s Personal and Spiritual Growth – Meditational practices, Chakras, Astrology, Numerology, Manifestation Techniques, Creating Vision Boards, Crystals Guidance, Moon-Meditation for Empowered Emotions, Simple healing practices , importance of Emotions & Gratefulness. The list focus to evolve as the BEST version of ourselves. Happy Journey Within!!

Join Dr. Neeti's mission to Transform Your Mindset and Attract Prosperity and

take your Life to the next level today.

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Manifest Abundance? Join Us Now!

Dr. Neeti Kaushik Empowering Individuals in Enhancing Their Manifestation Abilities

Ready to Manifest Abundance? Join Us Now!

A Powerful Workshop That Delivers Life Changing Results!

Karan S Manwani

Stock Market Trader

The vision board workshop was amazing, made me idealise what I wanted from myself this year A lot of times we tend to underestimate what we can do in a year’s time and setting a goal at the start of the year itself was a great beginning for me!

Keshmira R Elavia

Service Sector

I love listening to what she has to say and convey to us

Her voice has that promise to say that do it and you will be just fine and shine in life



Tarika Chhugani

Doing Life Coaching Certification

The Vision board workshop last year wasmy first one and it was amazing. TheUniverse has blessed me and most of ithas come true. Neeti Ma'am has atreasure of wisdom that she shares in allthe workshops that I have attended.Gratitude to Neeti Ma'am ❤

Chandni Singh

Private school teacher

I attended the vision board workshop in2022. Neeti Ma'am explains everything indetail. I found it very useful becausesome or other manifestation turns out betrue.

Thank you Ma'am 🙏🙏

Bharti Kikan


Last year I joined Neeti mam's vision board 2023 masterclass in December 2022.

It was a 2 hrs live workshop which genuinely put LIFE INTO MY, otherwise dead LIFE.

Neeti mam explained the whole concept of vision board, visualization , different areas of life were discussed and covered. She plans her workshops meticulously and intricate details.

In fact, before the class, we had arranged all the materials( we were given a list )

Mam interacted personally with each of us in the workshop to help us in understanding, visualizing and writing our manifestations and dreams.

She gave her valuable inputs and corrected our written manifestations wherever required.

Even different concepts like different colors for different areas, feng shui, numerology were also used in making vision board.

When so much efforts were put with so much of conviction and trust, UNIVERSRE had no choice but to make our DREAMS TURN INTO REALITY .

I am grateful and full of gratitude for Neeti mam's valuable guidance and unwavering support and love.

Shelja Sharma

Watercolour Artist and Art Educator

In 2022, I felt lost and unsure about life. That's when I met Neeti Maam, and her Vision Board workshop became a game-changer.

It wasn't just about writing goals and wishes and sticking pictures on paper, it was a journey of setting intentions, clearing energy, and envisioning goals in nine areas of life on an everyday basis.

Thanks to the simple daily rituals she taught us, I've seen amazing manifestations.

From receiving favourite jewellery as a gift, and income in 2 currencies to celebrating festivals with family after 3 years, each section of my Vision Board has come to life.

Turning my passion for Art into a profession, launching my courses and workshops, learning new skills as an artist, letting creativity flow through me, sharing it with the world and even travelling to Dubai, all these dreams manifested.

Neeti's Maam workshop is not just about creating a board. It is a guide to daily actions that make dreams real.

If you seek direction in 2024, I highly recommend this workshop for positive changes from day one.

I'm grateful to share my experience, hoping it adds value and insight to others.

Thankyou Neeti Maam for this wonderful workshop that is changing my life.

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